Archeops Data Analysis Meeting
Friday 26nd November 1999
10-17 hr
Salle B. Lyot, Observatoire Midi-Pyrenees, Toulouse

Participants to this meeting:

J. Bartlett, OMP
A. Benoit, CRTBT
J.Ph. Bernard, IAS
A. Blanchard, OMP
F. Bouchet, IAP
F. Couchot, LAL
J. Delabrouille, LPCC
F.X. Desert, LAOG
O. Dore, IAP
M. Douspis, OMP
X. Dupac, CESR
P. Filliatre, ISN
K. Ganga, LPCC
M. Giard, CESR
Y. Giraud-Heraud, LPCC
J. Ch. Hamilton, LPCC
J.M. Lamarre, IAS
Ph. Marty, IAS
F. Naraghi, ISN
M. Piat, IAS
J.L. Puget, IAS
S. Roques, OMP
D. Santos, ISN
D. Vibert, IAP

Agenda (speaker and title)

P. Filliatre: Noise analysis
J. Bartlett (host of the meeting): autocorrelation fucntion+ Technical paper status
M. Piat: Time-Frequency noise analysis
A. Benoit: Systematic noise and decorrelation with thermometers
F.X. Desert: Flagging data
J. Ph. Bernard: Atmospheric contaminating signal and Galactic maps at 850 microns
J. Ch. Hamilton (on behalf A. Amblard) : Atmospheric color variation with altitude
M. Giard: Deglitch tools and map making
A. Blanchard: CMB status report

F. Couchot: Fast Stellar Sensor attitude reconstruction
F.X. Desert (on behalf E. Aubourg): new Archtoi V3 release and FSS analysis
J.Ch. Hamilton: Focal plane and Beam estimates
K. Ganga: Map making tools at CdF
J. Delabrouille: Destriping techniques
D. Santos: Inversion tools
F. Bouchet: Component separation
D. Vibert: Software and data repository
O. Dore: Calibrating on dipole
A. Benoit: Kiruna flight preparation status

See you all at the

Next software meeting Monday 20th December 1999


Tasks that were assigned during the previous meeting

- Software and data repositories: D. Vibert, IAP LAOG
- Fast Stellar Sensor: F. Couchot, LAL U. Roma
- Deglitch tools: M. Giard, CESR OMP IAS
- Flagging data: X. Desert, LAOG CRTBT
- Filtering: J.-Ch. Vanel, LPCC, LAOG
- Noise estimate: J. Bartlett, OMP ISN
- Focal plane and beam estimates: J.Ch. Hamilton LPCC
- Correlation and noise removal between TOIs: A. Benoit CRTBT, ISN
- Atmospheric decorrelation: J. Delabrouille LPCC
- From TOI to Maps (Healpix tools): M. Giard, CESR LPCC
- Map tools: J. Delabrouille, LPCC IAP
- Component separation: F. Bouchet, IAP CEA
- Inversion (Optimise map and correlation matrix wrt signal): P. Filliatre ISN IAP CESR OMP LPCC
- Striping and Drift removal: J. Delabrouille, LPCC
- Galactic signal analysis: J. Ph. Bernard IAS
- Simulation tools: D. Vibert, IAP CEA