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Archeops  Meeting
IAP, L2 room
Tursday July 3rd 2003
09:30 AM - 05:00 PM



Nicolas Ponthieu : Angular correlation functions determination

Nicolas Ponthieu : "KS4" flight ? 

Simona Mei : Search for systematics with Gabor atoms

Juan Macias-Perez : Component separation in TOI

Julien Larena, Jacques Delabrouille : Archeops destriping using WMAP

Jean-Baptiste Melin : Detection of Coma by Archeops and WMAP

Sophie Henrot-Versille, Olivier Perdereau : Gamma_M, la suite


FXavier Desert : Point sources

Jean-Philippe Bernard, Guilaine Lagache : news form the Galaxy

!  This list is certainly not exhaustive
Name meeting 
R. Ansari
E. Aubourg N
S. Bargot
J. Bartlett
A. Benoit Y
J.Ph. Bernard
A. Blanchard N
F. Bouchet Y
A. Bourrachot
JF. Cardoso Y
F. Couchot Y
P. De Bernardis N
J. Delabrouille Y
F.X. Desert Y
M. Douspis Y
P. Filliatre
P. Fosalba N
K. Ganga
M. Giard
Y. Giraud-Heraud
J. Ch. Hamilton
S. Hanany
S. Henrot-Versille Y
J. Kaplan 
G. Lagache Y
J. Macias-Perez Y
Ch. Magneville
S. Mei
F. Nati N
G. Patanchon Y
O. Perdereau Y
L. Perotto
M. Piat
S. Plaszczinsky
N. Ponthieu Y
S. Prunet
J.L. Puget
C. Renault N
C. Rosset Y
D. Santos Y
R. Teyssier
M. Tristram Y
D. Vibert Y
D. Yvon