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Archeops  Meeting
Tuesday January, 28th 2003

09:45 to 16h45
CRTBT Grenoble

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!  This list is certainly not exhaustive

Name meeting 
R. Ansari Y
E. Aubourg
S. Bargot Y
J. Bartlett Y
A. Benoit Y (matin)
J.Ph. Bernard Y
A. Blanchard N
F. Bouchet Y
A. Bourrachot Y
JF. Cardoso Y
F. Couchot Y
P. De Bernardis N
J. Delabrouille Y
F.X. Desert Y
M. Douspis Y
P. Filliatre Y
P. Fosalba Y
K. Ganga N
M. Giard N
Y. Giraud-Heraud Y
J. Ch. Hamilton Y
S. Hanany N
S. Henrot-Versille Y
J. Kaplan  Y
G. Lagache N
J. Macias-Perez Y
Ch. Magneville Y
S. Mei
F. Nati N
G. Patanchon Y
O. Perdereau Y
L. Perotto Y
M. Piat Y
S. Plaszczinsky Y
N. Ponthieu Y
S. Prunet Y
J.L. Puget
C. Renault Y
C. Rosset Y
D. Santos Y
R. Teyssier N
M. Tristram Y
D. Vibert Y
D. Yvon


Introduction:  X Desert

Polarisation - intercalibration : CRosset (20')
Polarisation - signal :  NPonthieu (20')

Comparison Acheops/Maxima : JCHamilton, PFilliatre (20')
Comparaison C-ell Archeops-Maxima : LPerotto (20')

Conferences (including CMBnet Archeops presentations) : all
Papers: polarisation, IFP, Processing, Archeops/Maxima, 3K review for CRAS : all

13h Lunch


Glitch : DSantos (10')

Destriping : ABourrachot (20')

Cl status : MTristram (20')
C-ell computation by component separation : GPatanchon (20')

Gamma_m : SHentot-Versille, OPerdereau (20')
Harmonic analysis : MPiat (20')

MAP, Boomerang, Maxima news : all
2D Statistical tests to perform : all (non-gaussianity, Point Sources, SZ)