Minutes of the software meeting on 1999/08/18

Some urgent tasks that have to be performed in order to fully reduce
the data from the first Archeops flight were identified. Groups were
formed that agree to deal primarily with these tasks and report on
them during the 16-17 September meeting. Nevertheless no one is
forbidden to look at other specific aspects of the data reduction.
Here are the tasks and a non-exhaustive list of people for them:

. Recover on-board recorder data
--> Laurent Guglielmi

. Recover Italian telemetry (GPS...)
--> Paolo de Bernardis/Xavier Desert

. TOI generator
--> Richard Gispert, Jean-Philippe Bernard, Eric Aubourg

. Housekeeping generator
--> XD/RG

. Stellar sensor and gyroscopes: reconstruct instantaneous pointing of
the telescope(s) (TOI Ra and Dec) and deduce sensitivity of StS,
pendulation of the gondola, and accuracy of gyros
--> PdB, Federico Nati, Silvia Masi, Francois Couchot, Philippe Filliatre

. Status of the instrument during flight: generate a logbook of all
events, analyse thermal behaviour of the instrument
--> Alain Benoit, XD

. Pointing and Map reconstruction without the StS: generate a rough
pointing TOIs with the Galaxy crossing (and gyros?) and make millimetre maps
--> Jim Bartlett, Marian Douspis, Martin Giard

. Analyse bolometers and thermometers: signal, noise, sensitivity,
calibration TOI
--> Bruno Maffei, AB, XD, Caltech

. Astrometry: relative position of each detector and photodiode, their
beam and side lobe
--> MG, PF

. Signal predictor tools: Ephemerides, DMR, dipole, galaxy (Dirbe)
--> Didier Vibert, Francois Bouchet, Jacques Delabrouille, Fabrice

. Analysis of galactic signal, point sources and peculiar bright
sources (for cross checks of pointing TOIs)
-->JPB, Philippe Marty

. Analysis of parasitic signals: ozone, stray light, mirror
temperature fluctuations, cosmic ray hits
--> Daniel Santos

I will certainly update that list if something was forgotten, or if
other contributors want to add their names.

Work well!

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