Archeops  Meeting
Friday 7th September 2001
    College de France (PCC), Paris


I- Data reduction

Map making algorithms:
O. Dore, JCh Hamilton, D. Yvon, X. Dupac

C_l estimation:
JCh Magneville, O. Dore, JCh Hamilton

Constraining cosmological parameters:
M. Douspis, S. Bargot

Pointing reconstruction: Summary Discussion on the 3 solutions
C. Renault, A. Bourrachot, E. Aubourg, A. Benoit

Low Frequency noise: how to extend C_l to low l
K. Madet, A. Amblard, FX Desert

Calibration: l dependent calibration and sidelobes
Jupiter: S. Henrot-Versille
Galaxy: J.Ph. Bernard
Dipole: A. Amblard, FX Desert
Optical efficiency M. Piat

Polarisation results
N Ponthieu, C Rosset, J Kaplan

II- Conferences and Publications

Preparation for the 3 main articles to be written
C_l article
Polarisation article
Galactic article: Trapani+Kiruna

Policy for Conference :
all documents on the web, one week before the conference with an e-mail to the collaboration
proceedings submitted to Steering Committee approval

III- Kiruna campaigns

Kiruna Inmarsat August test flight
D Santos

Kiruna 2001/2002 preparation:
Kiruna planning for every participant

Ground-based Autumn Calibration campaign

Participants to this meeting

A. Amblard
S. Bargot
A. Benoit
J.-Ph. Bernard
F. Bouchet
A. Bourrachot
F. Couchot
J. Delabrouille
F.-X. Desert
M. Douspis
P. Filliatre
L. Guglielmi
S. Henrot-Versille
J. Kaplan
G. Lagache
J. Macias
K. Madet
M. Piat
N. Ponthieu
J.-L. Puget
C. Renault
C. Rosset
D. Santos
D. Vibert
D. Yvon

Next Meeting:  Thursday 4th October 2001, ISN Grenoble

Last revision: 10/09/2001