Archeops  Meeting
Wednesday 9th  of May 2001

College de France (PCC), Paris

New results from the 29/01/2001 Kiruna flight


Organisation of data, document, soft repository
D. Vibert and FX. Desert

Status of available data and programs
E. Aubourg , C. Renault and FX. Desert

Pointing reconstruction
Discussions on the 3 solutions: A. Bourrachot, E. Aubourg, A. Benoit

Optical characterisation
S. Henrot-Versille, J.-C. Hamilton

High Frequency noise
P. Filliatre

Low Frequency noise
K. Madet, A. Amblard


O. Dore
X. Dupac

Cl  estimates
O. Dore
S. Henrot-Versille

General discussions on the way forward

Participants to this meeting

A. Amblard
R. Ansari
S. Bargot
J. Bartlett
A. Benoit
F. Bouchet
A. Bourrachot
F. Couchot
F.X. Desert
O. Dore
X. Dupac
P. Filliatre
K. Ganga
J.-Ch. Hamilton
S. Henrot-Versille
J. Kaplan
R. Lescouzere
K. Madet
Ch. Magneville
F. Naraghi
N. Ponthieu
C. Renault
C. Rosset
D. Vibert
D. Yvon

Conclusions on the work to be done

archtoi improvements: E. Aubourg, C. Renault
  ---> Bugs and offsets

  ---> Stars and stellar candidates: 2 catalogs
  ---> Comparison of 3 methods

HF rise: E. Aubourg, M. Piat, AB

HF peaks and bumps: P. Filliatre
  ---> all flight, Constrained noise ? Study timelines before/after
decorrelation. 72 et al. specific analysis.

Flagging: P. Filliatre, FXD
  ---> Tail of glitches, slow glitches, other bad data ToBeDone

Time-dependent response and Bolometer model: K. Madet, FXD
  ---> Give responsivity correction factor

Photometric model: E. Wakui, B. Maffei, FXD, A. Amblard
  ---> Give emissivity of all components (0.1K, 1.6K, 10K, telescope, atm...)

Beam & Jupiter calibration, Glitches: SHV, JCH, MP
  ---> Check on photometry via simulation, effect of variable speed on
beam, include non-linearity and different current config, make code
available, Optical and electronic Cross-talk. Calibration table on
CVS. Compare positions with theoretical ones. Redo with new
pointings and clean data. Include non linearity,
compressor-decompressor. Understanding slow glitches. Time variability.

Map-making: X. Dupac, O. Dore, F. Bouchet & D. Vibert, D. Yvon, JCH, archeops++ group
  ---> Multibolometer maps. Data with holes. Date with prefiltering or
with Low Frequency decorrelation. Monte-Carlo simulations for noise
estimates (which are very important).

C_l: O. Dore, SHV et lal.
astroph-0104443, hierarchical decomposition

Cosmological parameter estimates
  ---> S. Bargot and M. Douspis, J. Bartlett

Polarisation: ISN+CdF
  ---> Investigate polarised systematic effects

Use of differential GPS: Ch. Magneville
  ---> Use it or not? Should be available for August flight
        or put accurate gyros: 1 or 3 ?

Ad-hoc committee CNES : 21 May 2001

August test flight for Inmarsat fast telemetry will also test Russian
side: 2hours at 25 km, 1 gyro, fast+slow Inmarsat, folding boom.

Possibility of going farther than Ural; Big helicopter to carry the
whole payload back.

Bolometer status: relations with Caltech, Planck...

Biarritz presentation + paper : beams, 545GHz

Next data reduction meeting
Tuesday 19 or 26 June 2001 in Grenoble

Last revision: 09/05/2001