Archeops Data Analysis Meeting
Tuesday 9th May 2000
10-17 hr
Institut des Sciences Nucleaires Grenoble

Followed on Wednesday morning the 10th May by a meeting on
Calibration of Polarisationat ISN too

Participants to this meeting (in bold)

P. Ade, QMW
A. Amblard, PCC
R. Ansari, LAL
E. Aubourg, CEA-SPP
J. Bartlett, OBSMP
A. Benoit, CRTBT
J-Ph Bernard, IAS
F. Bouchet, IAP
A. Bourrachot, LAL
Ph. Camus, CSNSM
F. Couchot, LAL
J. Delabrouille, PCC
F.X. Desert, LAOG
O. Dore, IAP
M. Douspis, OBSMP
X. Dupac, CESR
P. Filliatre, ISN
K. Ganga, PCC
M. Giard, CESR
Y. Giraud-Heraud, PCC
L. Guglielmi, PCC
S. Henrot-Versille, LAL
J. Ch. Hamilton, PCC
J. Kaplan, PCC
J.-M. Lamarre, IAS
K. Madet, CRTBT
B. Maffei, QMW
F. Naraghi , ISN
F. Pajot, IAS
M. Piat, IAS
N. Ponthieu, ISN
J.-L. Puget, IAS
P. Richards, Berkeley
I. Ristorcelli, CESR
M. Sacchetini LAOG
D. Santos (our host), ISN
R. Teyssier CEA-SAp
D. Yvon, CEA
D. Vibert, IAP


1 - Preparation of December 2000/ January 2001 Kiruna flights

Debriefing from March-April Kiruna flights: A. Benoit, L. Guglielmi

Interface with CNES:
   why 2 flights next winter? A. Benoit

Russian collaboration: F. Bouchet

Hardware status:
  Cryostat, Focal plane design, Horns and filters, Bolometers: A. Benoit
  High speed telemetry: D. Santos

Ground-based calibration:
  Photometric calibration: J.Ch. Vanel, F.-X. Desert
  Optical calibration (optical source & platform, Toulouse test): D. Santos, M. Giard

Kiruna flight planner (covered area, Sun, Moon and planet location): K. Ganga

Agenda for 2000/ 2001: A. Benoit

2 - Archeops data analysis

Data and software retrieval on the web: D. Vibert

Fast stellar sensor:
  Comparison between LAL and CEA methods on Trapani Flight: A. Bourrachot
  First analysis of Kiruna April 2000 flight: D. Yvon

One-dimensional data analysis:
  Glitch removal: Discussion
  Filtering: P. Filliatre, F.-X. Desert

Beams on Jupiter and Saturn: J-Ch. Hamilton

Map-making: discussion
  O. Dore, X. Dupac, P. Filliatre

Results from MAXIMA : P. Richards
Results from BOOMERANG: K. Ganga

Agenda for Polarisation Meeting, Wednesday 10th morning, ISN

 Building calibration polarisers on a substrate: Jean Charles Vanel and/or Pierre Bareyre

Free standing grid: N. Ponthieu

Calibration polarisers, how to use them? & the precision needed: J. Kaplan

Astrophysical matters and Archeops sensitivity: F.-X. Desert

Goal and method of ground-based calibration
Data reduction Method for flight measurements: All participants

Next data reduction meeting

Monday 19th June 2000 at PCC-CdF, Paris

Last revision: 05/05/2000