Archeops Data Analysis Meeting
Friday 11th February 2000
10-17 hr
Grande salle du conseil, 1st Floor
Institut des Sciences Nucleaires de Grenoble

Participants to this meeting

( y is confirmed, n cannot come)

(Parisians will be picked at the station for the 9h20 train)

A. Amblard, PCC  (y)
R. Ansari, LAL (n)
E. Aubourg, CEA-SPP  (n)
J. Bartlett, OBSMP (y)
A. Benoit, CRTBT  (y)
J-Ph Bernard, IAS  (y)
F. Bouchet, IAP (y)
A. Bourrachot, LAL (y)
Ph. Camus, CSNSM (y)
F. Couchot, LAL (y)
J. Delabrouille, PCC  (y)
F.X. Desert, LAOG  (y)
O. Dore, IAP (y)
M. Douspis, OBSMP  (y)
X. Dupac, CESR (y)
P. Filliatre, ISN  (y)
B. Fouilleux, LAOG  (y)
K. Ganga, PCC  (y)
M. Giard, CESR (y)
Y. Giraud-Heraud, PCC (y)
L. Guglielmi, PCC (n)
S. Henrot-Versille, LAL (y)
J. Ch. Hamilton, PCC  (y)
J. Kaplan, PCC  (y)
J.-M. Lamarre, IAS  (n)
K. Madet, CRTBT  (y)
F. Naraghi (our host), ISN  (y)
F. Pajot, IAS  (n)
M. Piat, IAS  (n)
J.-L. Puget, IAS  (y)
I. Ristorcelli, CESR (y)
M. Sacchetini LAOG (y)
D. Santos (our host), ISN  (y)
D. Yvon, CEA (y)
D. Vibert, IAP (y)

Agenda (speaker and title)

A. Benoit: Kiruna flights in 2000!

A. Bourrachot, F. Couchot: Fast Stellar Sensor attitude reconstruction

P. Filliatre: Noise analysis - 3

F.X. Desert / J. Delabrouille / D. Vibert: Archives, Clean TOI delivery and tentative pipeline

JC Hamilton: Update on the calibration on planet

JL Puget, J-Ph Bernard: Calibration with COBE (DMR-FIRAS-DIRBE)

All: Updates on Dipole Calibration (general but short discussion, bring one transparency)

M. Giard: map making algorithms and C_l computation

A. Amblard, K. Ganga: Atmosphere, destriping and map making

J. Bartlett: The technical paper, discussions

J. Kaplan: Polarisation measurements

All: General discussion (15h-17h): the way forward

Next Meeting Monday the 13th March 2000