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January, 17 2002
Archeops was flying ...

Successful launch at 11:31 UT

Aborted due to ballon problem


Online trajectory

Predicted trajectory


Anticipated sky coverage

D day - morning

On the launchpad

The launch

After the launch
Some pictures are degraded ; a best-of with full resolution photos will be available soon.

11:10 AM The gondola is ready for take-off, correctly positionned on the launchpad.
                The pivot is connected to the flight chain. Last prepation of the balloon.

11:40 AM Ballon filling started: so far, so good ...

12:31 AM Archeops launch has been sucessful.
                Experiment is working fine and expecting ceiling time within 3 hours.

02:19 PM Valve gate is open, photons are collected !

03:30 PM 0.1K stage at 97 mK

06:30 PM Due to a balloon problem, the flight must be interrupted. The recovery will be done tomorrow by helicopter. The instrument worked perfectly, with very clean signal at 34.5 km.


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